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We leave no stone un-turned

A criminal defense investigator plays an important role in criminal cases. The National Legal Aid and Defender Association guidelines for criminal defense representation states as follows:

Counsel has a duty to conduct an independent investigation regardless of the accused's admissions or statements to the lawyer of facts constituting guilt. The investigation should be conducted as promptly as possible. (Guideline 4.1)

At Aristocrat Investigations, we believe there are two sides to every story. We pride ourselves on being "truth-seekers," and we concentrate on finding the facts of every case. Our investigators are trained in investigating cases from the initial complaint through trial, even before formal charges have been filed. A defendant and their counsel have the right to have case allegations investigated in a confidential, efficient and professional matter.

  • Our investigators have worked more than 800 criminal cases.
  • Our Certified Criminal Defense Investigator has earned this title through attorney recommendations, testing and hands-on criminal defense case work.
  • Our investigators have investigated cases ranging from misdemeanor level through the death penalty.

Often times witnesses are not interviewed because the governmental agency charging the case has already established enough evidence to support their decision to prosecute. We make sure our clients have everything needed to build their defense.

We help our clients every step of the way.

Our Services:

  • Locate and interview critical witnesses
  • Review and analyze all police/prosecution reports
  • Provide crime scene diagrams
  • Provide timelines
  • Serve subpoenas
  • Perform preparation
  • Provide information for jury selection (elimination)
  • Provide expert testimony



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